Scotland in miniature

Have you ever heard of the Isle of Arran in Scotland?

This beautiful and unforgettable island can be found in Ayrshire, Scotland.

We have many ‘shires’ in Scotland but no Hobbits have been found yet. Well … I personally haven’t met many small folks with hairy feet and pointy ears, but fairies have been known to be seen …

Where the fairies live

This amazing island is also known as ‘Scotland in miniature’ and that’s exactly what you get. You’ll see the picturesque mix of the highlands in the north and the lowlands in the south. Paths will take you to new ground your feet have never walked on and places your eyes have never seen.

Glen Sannox

Hidden walks off the main road make you feel like you’re on a different world. Many have good footpaths and you can walk as far as your ability takes you. Soak in the amazing scenery, listen to nature around you and breathe in the fresh air.

I love the strange silence in the woodlands when you first meet them. Then the sound of crunching feet and the wind whistling between the trees. When you reach your destination the sense of achievement and peacefulness just feels so right.

You’ll see a coastline that changes from north to south with a variety of different rock formations, a geologist’s paradise!

Cock of Arran

Seals and sea otters are often seen on the coast, red deer in the mountains or some villages, red squirrels, golden eagles, buzzards and so much more!

~ Blackwaterfoot ~

You can get around the island by bus, car or bike in one day.

If you’re more energetic you can walk the Arran Coastal Way! It’s a 65 mile (105 kilometre) walk, but what an amazing way to see the island.

I walked the Arran Coastal Way in June 2017. Read my Arran Coastal Way stories.

You can stop off for a bite to eat in the beautiful villages around the island or bring your own food and dine anywhere you feel like stopping!

Eating outside ~ soup, pot noodle and watermelon
Lunch with a view

Or you might just fancy a bit of local shopping, food, drink and relaxation.

Whatever way you decide to explore, I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed. The island never fails to inspire me, even in the winter. It’s an outdoor paradise.

There’s so much more this island has to offer, but as this is my first post I’ll keep it short.

So watch out for my next post about Arran. I’ll share places I’ve visited with some brilliant walks I’ve been lucky to experience. Photos paint a thousand words, so I’ll share these as well to give you a wee taster of what you can expect to see when you visit.

Read all my Isle of Arran stories or take a wee tour and watch my Isle of Arran videos.

Thanks for reading.

Love, Dawn-Marie xxx

3 thoughts on “Scotland in miniature

  1. mwphotoartistry 7 August 2017 — 1:40 am

    Wonderful post! Beautiful island!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Melissa Willard 7 August 2017 — 12:39 am

    Wonderful post… I LOVE the photos and descriptions! Beautiful island too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Melissa 😃. I visit the island a lot as you can see! This was where I completed my peak challenge walking around the whole island 👟👟💙


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