My peak challenge 2017

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What a challenging and rewarding year My Peak Challenge 2016 has been for me.

I joined this encouraging fitness and healthy eating community in February 2016. Meeting the Scottish actor Sam Heughan at the Dean Castle in Kilmarnock and then following him on Twitter led me to the My Peak Challenge path.

The day I’d briefly met Sam I had just finished a run and managed to somehow really damage my hip. Achy knees too. I couldn’t run regularly for many months after this and thought I might not be able to run again. I needed something else to help me lose weight and get fitter. I kinda knew that the extra weight I was carrying was not helping my knees.

This was the start of changing how I eat, exercising more frequently and also exploring my creative side. Little did I know that through this group I would also have the opportunity to meet up with so many other like-minded peakers from all over the world. I can sometimes stray off the path a bit as most of us do … but then I find my way again.

Challenge yourself

Challenging yourself can be anything you want it to be. It’s not just about fitness, although many of my peak challenges have now become this!

I’ve also seen many other wonderful, emotional and inspiring challenges in My Peak Challenge 2016 such as:

  • taking up a new hobby like knitting, writing or painting
  • overcoming an illness or fear
  • becoming stronger and accepting who you are
  • moving on to a new job
  • moving on after bereavement or separation
  • travelling to places you’ve always wanted see

Many of us are very good at just staying put, not changing anything in our lives for the better. It’s easier that way. What we forget though, is that months and years go by so quickly and as we get older we usually look back and say: “I wish I’d done that.”

It’s never too late to change though, so let’s just do it now.

My peak challenge 2017

My peak challenge 2017 has now officially been launched and I’ve rejoined. It’s a year long program of fitness, healthy eating and challenging yourself to try something new outwith your comfort zone.

Help others, while helping yourself with 50 percent of what you pay going directly to the charity  Bloodwise helping research for leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood disorders.

Three for the price of one! Check out the My Peak Challenge website for more details.

Donations to bloodwise

In 2016 I donated to Bloodwise through buying a membership to the MPC prep program, buying the MPC t-shirt and flag, sponsoring fellow peakers and also donating direct. The final total MPC raised was an amazing £225,000 ($299,000).

This year I’ve created my own Just Giving page to raise funds for Bloodwise through my many challenges. If you would like to help Bloodwise, any small amount would really be appreciated. Thank you.

My 2017 challenges

These are my 2017 peak challenges. I’ll possibly add more as the year goes on… I have the MPC bug.

My challenges My progress

  1. April – Road to the Isles 10k
  2. May – Troon 10k
  3. May – Edinburgh half marathon 21.1k
  4. July – Run the blades 10k
  5. August – John Lucas Round Strathaven 50 mile relay (team of 5). I’m running 10k.
  6. September – Isle of Cumbrae 16k
  7. October – Great Scottish Run half marathon 21.1k
  8. November – Strathaven Striders’ Run with the Wind 10k
  9. Run a 5k in under 30mins
  10. Run a 10k in under 1 hour
  11. Running/walking 2017 miles with two other wonderful peakers as part of Run the Year challenge

1. ✔ 😊10.6km in 1:10:36 (chip time). 10k time was around 1:06:23.

2. ✔ 😊10km in 1:03:39 (chip time) – Personal Best!

3. ✔ 😊 21.1k in 2:34:12 (chip time)

4. ✔ 😊 10km in 1:13:05 (chip time). My pace wasn’t great, it was so hilly!

5. ✔ 😊 10km in 1:07:45

6. ☹ I didn’t run the Isle of Cumbrae. I ran an 18km training run at home instead 😊

7. ✔ 😊 21.1k in 2:36:53 (chip time)

8. ☹ I didn’t run with the wind. I went to my photography course instead

9. ✔ 😊At last! On 15 January 2017 I ran my 5k in 29:34. My new trainers pushed me to go faster I think!

Walk the Arran Coastal Way (65 miles). This will include wild camping some nights.  ✔ 😊 Totally loved walking the Arran Coastal Way! Ended up being 84 miles over seven days. My story and video:

  1. The secret wedding
  2. Arran Coastal Way – Day 1 – Brodick to Sannox
  3. Arran Coastal Way – Day 2 – Sannox to Lochranza
  4. Arran Coastal Way – Day 3 – Lochranza to Imachar
  5. Arran Coastal Way – Day 4 – Imachar to Blackwaterfoot
  6. Arran Coastal Way – Day 5 – Blackwaterfoot to Lagg
  7. Arran Coastal Way – Day 6 – Lagg to Whiting Bay
  8. Arran Coastal Way – Day 7 – Whiting Bay to Brodick
  9. Watch my video of our Arran Coastal Way Hike!
Climb my second Munro or more (Scottish mountain over 3000 feet) 🤔 I might squeeze this in before the end of the year, depending on the weather
Eat healthier and lose at least another 14lbs to reach my ideal weight. ☹ I’ve slipped a bit with this one. Even though I’m exercising I have put weight on. It’s because I’m not tracking my food.
Attend the MPC event 23-24 September 2017, hopefully healthier and fitter! ☹ I wasn’t lucky enough to get a ticket for the event.
Explore and write about new places in Scotland, especially Ayrshire.

Also try recording video footage of Scotland

Learn how to take better quality photos.

🤔 I haven’t been able to write as many posts as I’d have liked this year. I still have a few nice stories though, mostly about places in beautiful Ayrshire.

✔ 😊 I’ve been creating videos. See my Scotland from above page. I also upload videos to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook

✔ 😊 I have been learning to take better photos using my camera in manual and with a tripod.

Read one book a month. Reading is not my  strong point. ☹At the moment time has not allowed me to enjoy this.
Finish my advanced course on digital marketing. 🤔 Ongoing

One other challenge I haven’t listed above is spending more quality time with my children. You’d think this is the normal thing to do without being a challenge but I seem to have lost them a bit in their teenage years. It’s really becoming more of a challenge as they don’t seem to want to go anywhere with me … we all need to work on this.

I just hope I can fit it all in! Keep on peaking everyone!

Thanks for reading.


6 Replies to “My peak challenge 2017”

  1. Hi, there!
    Maybe you can help me… I just found out about this challenge and seached google a bit for more information, because it sounds cool and interesting. Although I’m uncertain if I could afford it (membership fee and then also having to shop for groceries according to the meal plans… I live healthy already, but my budget is very limited). Anyway, I wanted to find out more about it at least, and then decide.
    So I went to the MPC website, but I could find no contact option (eMail address) to ask questions. Aside from the costs, my main concern is, whether these meal plans are suitable for vegans, too. Because I’m a vegan and could only stick to any such plan (if I could afford it), if there were vegan options.
    I’d have liked to ask the people from MPC directly, but since I can’t find an eMail address (I also don’t use Facebook or any other social media), I’m “spamming” your blog here. *g* 😉 Can you perhaps tell me, where I can find an eMail address, before joining? Or do you know if different diets are considered in these meal plans?
    I’m sorry for bothering you with this!!
    Kind regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Pamela

      Thanks for your message. You are not bothering me at all :).

      Yes there is a vegetarian plan, a new menu every month. It would be better to contact My Peak Challenge direct though. The e-mail address is at the foot of their website (envelope icon)

      It’s a wonderful inspiring group, great food and exercises. Of course, you can challenge yourself to do anything, it’s not just physical challenges. My blog is a non-physical challenge for me 🙂

      I hope this helps!

      Dawn-Marie 🙂


  2. Hello..I am very interested in becoming a part of this program but wondering if I should wait to join for 2018. I am also wondering what the fee is to join and if there is a group in Virginia(USA)? It seems to be a very committed and encouraging group of people involved.
    Thankyou for taking the time to answer my questions and/or giving me guidance to find the information.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Denise!

      Sorry for the late reply. I have just finished my 65 mile walking challenge and only back today. Yay I did it! Turned out to be 84 miles though!

      You can join the program anytime. The group is very inspiring and we all help motivate each other. We are always challenging ourselves to try something new. It becomes a new mindset and I now love pushing myself that little bit further every year. I never thought I could before.

      I’m sure there are peakers in Virgina that you can connect with and meet up to share challenges.

      It would be best to contact My Peak Challenge direct though who will be able to answer any questions you have before signing up. Visit their website to find out more and drop them an e-mail.

      I hope this helps and good luck with your challenges! Let me know if you join and I’ll look out for you in the Facebook Group.

      Dawn-Marie 🙂


    1. You’re welcome. I love your challenge! This is what My Peak Challenge is about too. Personal goals, trying something new, helping others and ourselves 🙂


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