My peak challenge 2018

I’m back peaking again for a third year! Registration for My Peak Challenge 2018 is open and I have signed up.

Read about why I joined My Peak Challenge in 2016.

Previous years’ challenges

My challenges and achievements over the last two years:

My peak challenges 2016
My peak challenges 2017

My peaker experience

Once you start peaking you can’t really stop. I slipped a little in some of my challenges last year, especially the healthy eating part. I lost 18lbs in time for my wedding, then some of it slipped back on somehow πŸ€”

I’m trying not to worry myself too much about it though. As long as I complete at least two or three big challenges that’s a major personal achievement for me.

I mostly run, walk, hike and sometimes cycle. This is the exercise I enjoy most as it gets me outdoors. For me, running is still very challenging. Some days I can keep going, other days it’s a real struggle. I’ll always keep trying though!

Writing my blog about exploring Scotland, including photos and video, is my main non-physical challenge.

Donations to Bloodwise and Marie Curie

In 2017 I donated to Bloodwise through buying a membership to My Peak Challenge, sponsoring fellow peakers and raising funds via my very own Just Giving page.

This year I’ll be donating via my membership and separate donations to peaker group challenges. In 2018 we are also raising funds for the charity Marie Curie.

My own peak challenges for 2018


I will sign up for some of my favourite runs and try a few new ones:

Running My progress
May – Troon 10k βœ” 😊10km in 1:13:34 (chip time)

(2017: 1:03:39) – I was 10 minutes slower than last year. I haven’t been training as much this year

May – Road to the Isles 10k βœ” 😊10km in 01:19:54 (chip time)
(2017: 1:06:23) – again I was much slower than last year . I walked up some of the hills and stopped to take photos on route. I really enjoyed it though and didn’t feel any pressure to run it all as many people were doing the same.
July – Run the blades 10k πŸ™ Sadly I didn’t get to run this 10k. My knees were sore and I didn’t put in the training. I did other activities this month though, hiking, long walks and cycling. All in for July my recorded total distance was 108km 😊JulyStravaStats
October – Dramathon 10k – new βœ” 😊10.76km 1:32:05. My moving time according to my Garmin was 1:28:14.

I stopped a bit to take photos and video and walked some of the trail. Read my story and watch my video

Run a 10k in under one hour πŸ™ This won’t happen this year
Run/walk 2018 miles with peakers as part of the Run the Year challenge Ongoing …
Run at least three times a week πŸ™ Sorry, I didn’t manage this either …

Hiking, exploring, blogging, photography and video

I’d love to explore more of Scotland and write about my experience.

Writing is still a big challenge for me. I do love it though and always happy to share my stories, photos and videos. I really love taking photos of beautiful landscapes. There are so many places I want to see. It will be mostly day trips as this is cheapest way for me. There will be some camping too. I might add more to this list.

Explore My stories
Climb my second Munro and hopefully more Scottish mountains. I’d like to hike the corbett Ben Arthur (The Cobbler) and Beinn Narnain (munro) first ~ or maybe it’s Narnia 😍 βœ” Read my story about hiking Ben Arthur (The Cobbler)

βœ” Watch my video hiking Ben Arthur

I’ll need to go back to hike Beinn Narnain

Loch Doon and Ness Glen, Ayrshire βœ” Photos, video and story about my day trip to Loch Doon and Ness Glen
Ailsa Craig, Ayrshire For next year
Hidden Valley, Glencoe, Highlands For next year
Dean Castle and Country Park, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire I have explored the park many times, but the castle is closed just now.
Kilmarnock Town Trail, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire I’ve also walked around here many times, just haven’t found the time to walk the official trail, take photos and write a post.
Isle of Arran – The Holy Isle, Ayrshire For next year
Inchcailloch Island to see the Bluebells Third time lucky I saw the bluebells!

Isle of Arran – Three Beinns hike/walk, Glen Rosa, Ayrshire (photo on this page) For next year
Isle of Arran – explore lesser known hill routes and find some of the 17 trig points on Arran and one on the Holy Isle βœ” Hiked Goat Fell with my sister. It was her first mountain hike and she totally conquered it. Yay! She’s a peaker in the making: Watch my video on YouTube

βœ” Eas Mor waterfall, the library in the woods, Loch Garbad and found the hidden trig Cnoc na Garbad

Watch my video on YouTube

Longer walks (maybe)

  • Isle of Bute West Island Way
  • Ayrshire Coastal Path
😞 Isle of Bute West Island Way
– we didn’t get to do this on our holidays. It will need to wait until another time.
Isle of May to see the cute Puffins 😞 sadly I missed my chance to visit here. Not to worry though, it will always be there for another time!

Non-physical challenges

Challenge My progress
Healthy eating – I totally strayed off my healthy eating plan last year and gained weight. I know fine well what I’m supposed to be eating, so it’s totally my own fault. This year I will try to eat healthier and lose at least 21lbs. I didn’t lose any extra weight this year. Maintained though. I must get better at my eating again
Creative challenge – I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw or paint. I want to be able to draw and paint a tree in my hall when I eventually get it decorated! For next year
Reading – this is not my strong point. I really need to work on this and read books. For next year
Training – sign up for online training courses to learn about web development and design, photography and video. For next year

I’ll try my best to work towards these goals this year. Sometimes things don’t go to plan though.

Stay positive and keep challenging yourself!

Dawn-Marie x

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    1. Thank you so much, that’s a really lovely and encouraging comment πŸ˜ƒ. Just what I needed today. I certainly will try my best to complete my challenges πŸ‘


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