My peak challenge 2019

It’s time to join My Peak Challenge again. I was a little later in joining this year as I desperately needed a new pair of walking boots. In fact, I’ve been needing a pair since 2017 and kept putting it off as I wanted a good pair that would last a long time. I can’t wait to go on a long walk to break them in.

Even though I don’t faithfully follow the training program, which is brilliant by the way, for me it’s about my personal goals. I also love the peaker community spirit and I have met some lovely new friends because of My Peak Challenge. If I’m feeling low, which has been more often recently, reading and watching other peakers achieve their goals can help motivate me. Joining again for my fourth peaker year also reminds me that it’s not just about my own needs. It’s for all of us and most importantly, supporting the charities to help fund life saving treatments.

Last year I seemed to slow down. Day-to-day life challenges took over my mind and body and I didn’t meet all my goals. I’ve not been exercising for many months now, but I’m hoping to get back to some kind fitness soon. It might not be running as I’ve been struggling with this. More hiking, walking and cycling could be just what I need.

Four my peak challenge years

Each year I’ve been listing my own personal challenges and achievements here on my blog. Read my first blog post about why I joined My Peak Challenge. My Peak Challenge years:

My peak challenges 2019

This year I’m going to have a smaller list of challenges. I keep giving myself too many goals and find these difficult to achieve in between my work and home life. Last year I felt like I was juggling too much and I became a little stressed with it all. I won’t list my challenges this year, but instead add them as I go along πŸ™‚

Physical challenges

Last year my running was not good at all. Even though I did try to build up my stamina and distance again I just couldn’t get to where I was in 2017. Even a 5k was a struggle so it put me off and I was a bit low for a while.

Something has changed in my energy levels and I’m still none the wiser as to what has caused this. This year, I will get out hiking, walking and cycling instead. I so love being outdoors.

Non-physical challenges

Writing, photography and video

I really do get excited about exploring new places and writing about them. This is a must for me this year to also help build up my fitness again. I have a few places on my list from last year that I would love to explore, so fingers and toes crossed I can achieve this.

I feel that my photography and video skills haven’t improved much over the last year, but I’ll keep trying to capture the natural beauty of my home called Scotland. Most of the time it’s pure luck if I capture an eye catching photo. Right place, right time, right light …

As well as adding photos here to my blog posts, I sometimes post photos to Instagram and upload videos to my YouTube channel. I like to share the magic of Scotland through my own eyes.

Completed 2019 challenges

These are some of my completed non-physical challenges for 2019:

I made a second attempt at writing a poem for a local writing competition, but I wasn’t successful. VisitScotland’s campaign Year of Coasts and Waters will be celebrated in 2020, so I had an urge to capture the story of water that runs through my home town, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. I’ll write a post and share the poem next year. It was really fun writing it. Words don’t come easy to me, so I feel proud that I at least tried πŸ˜€

2019 was not a physical year for me sadly. Fatigue was the main cause but also achy joints and other issues.

Donating to the charities

Finally, with 50% of my membership fee donating to the charities Bloodwise and Marie Curie in 2019, I’m helping to make a small difference. We never know when we might need this support ourselves or close friends and family.

Let’s try to be the best we can πŸ’™

Have a fun year everyone!

Dawn-Marie x

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